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It's Time for Healthy Snacks at the Conivence Store.

Convenience stores are the epicenter of snack food. They are the kings of candy and the masters of the munchies. If someone wanted a bag of chips or a Coke right now they would probably end up in a Wawa, 7-Eleven, or gas station. These stores are the go-to for road trip eats and a snack on the way to work. Increasingly, convenience stores are even a go-to-spot for a morning coffee. Convenience stores are an amazing place for so many things, but they might be the last place to go if someone wants to eat healthily.

Most convenience stores traditionally don't have healthy food for two reasons. The first is that healthy food tends to go bad fast. A Snickers bar lasts a lot longer than a salad when sitting on a shelf. The second reason is that healthy food has always been less popular than what convenience stores are used to selling. Luckily, both of those factors aren't really problems now.

Healthy food doesn't need to go bad any faster than junk food. A fresh avocado will only last a few days on its own but Reveal Avocado Seed Brew is able to take the health benefits of avocado and fruit and turn it into a beverage that won't become food waste in a weekend. Then there is Simply Good Jars. They take a classic health food and by sealing it in a Jar, they extend the shelf life. There are dozens of health foods like these that can be sold in a convenience store. They can sit on a shelf or in a refrigerator long enough to sell them all and not have to waste any food or money. There are tons of healthy foods made with fruit and vegetables, that last on a shelf just as well as a bag of chips.

Also, selling through health food inventory has never been easier. People care about the quality and health of their food more than ever. Organic food sales have increased by nearly 10% on average every year since 2010. People are looking to eat healthily more than ever. Now many consumers would prefer an Impact Snacks Superfood Bar over a pack of M&Ms. When given the opportunity to buy healthy snacks many wills. These trends aren't going away either. All signs point toward healthy food being increasingly relevant so now is the time for convenience stores to offer healthy snacks.

There will always be the need for junk food in convenience stores. They are still the perfect place for a soda on the way to work, some Skittles halfway through a road trip, or a bag of chips just because. That doesn't mean that convenience stores cant also be the place to get a salad delivered to your door. Lula is a service that gives local convenience stores the power to deliver everything from toilet paper to Advocado Seed Brew, to Twinkies. The future of convenience is getting your healthy food delivered to your door, and also maybe a Pepsi. We won't judge.

About Lula: Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pa., Lula provides delivery solutions for convenience stores, pharmacies, and CPG brands that do not have a secondary sales channel, offering the first multi-vendor 30-minute delivery platform and a commitment to building a cleaner, more sustainable world. Learn more about Lula at


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