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Lula is teaming up with National Convenience Distributors.

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Lula has announced a collaboration with one of the largest U.S.-based convenience store distributors. Serving customers in the 11 contiguous states from Maine to Maryland, National Convenience Distributors (“NCD”) is a wholesale distributor providing candy, snacks, fresh sandwiches and salads, cigarettes and cigars, coffee, ice cream, and frozen and refrigerated foods to more than 14,000 customers.

Lula aims to help convert these stores into micro-fulfillment centers, connecting each location with delivery partners such as Grubhub, Doordash, and UberEATS. Convenience stores have struggled with consistent delivery offerings, whereas 70% of consumers prefer buying goods online. COVID-19 has forced independent stores around the country to evolve and expedite the digital transformation by almost 20 years.

The NCD and Lula collaboration will help thousands of NCDs convenience store customers create virtual Lula Convenience Store listings on nationally available delivery partners. NCD now has a new way to help its customers increase inventory turnover and evolve in this digital world. Lula’s solution will assist convenience stores by digitizing the physical store while providing a single point of contact with all major delivery solutions - with the added benefit of managing inventory and a customer support hotline to assist store owners with every order.

The thousands of happy NCD customers will now be able to enter the digital marketplace through Lula with the help of our team and NCD representatives. As an NCD partner, customers can be confident that Lula will handle their businesses with the same care and attention to detail they enjoy from National Convenience Distributors.

About Lula: Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pa., Lula provides delivery solutions for convenience stores, pharmacies, and CPG brands that do not have a secondary sales channel, offering the first multi-vendor 30-minute delivery platform and a commitment to building a cleaner, more sustainable world. Learn more about Lula at

Lula launches at the NCD Trade Show at Fox Towers Connecticut August 12th 2021


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