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Lula's Commitment to our Planet

The convenience of delivery should not have to come with the added cost of damaging our planet. Lula works to not only reduce the waste that comes with delivery but also to go the extra mile by assisting green movements outside of our own industry.

Lula reduces waste primarily with the use of recycled paper bags. Recycled paper bags help to reduce waste upfront by keeping paper out of landfills. Once a bag is used it can be recycled again and if it does one day end up in a landfill, it will decompose much faster than a plastic bag. Lula is ahead of the curve in Philadelphia where a plastic bag ban was announced. By April 1st, 2022 all businesses in Philadelphia will need to use bags similar to ours.

We also recognize that these bags, although recycled, at one point came from a tree. That is why we are working to plant trees in areas where deforestation is a large problem. As we use more bags, we will plant more trees to minimize any damage caused. Lula is partnering with ForestNation to reforest Tanzania. Click here to plant a tree with us.

Finally, we want our planet to have a share of our success. As part of our commitment to 1% for the planet, Lula is donating 1% of our yearly revenue to organizations that fight climate change. Lula’s work to neutralize our environmental impact is only the beginning. We want to have a lasting positive influence on our environment.


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