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Receipt Printers

Print. Pick. Pack. Profit.

Get every order across all delivery partners to automatically print a receipt with item-specific details. Use the receipt to ensure an accurate selection of items and deliver delight to your customers, every time.

Lula Receipt Printer.png

Printer Purchase

Printer Rental

$499.00 /printer

$29.00 /printer/month

Best for retailers looking to own and operate Lula-powered receipt printers long term.

Best for retailers looking to get started with receipt printing without a long-term commitment.

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps


Purchase Your Printer

Use the links above to enroll in a subscription or purchase a printer.


Purchase Printer Paper

Your order will come with 2 rolls of 3 1/8" paper. You can purchase more on Amazon.


Complete Printer Setup

Once you receive your printer, you can follow along with this setup tutorial.



Once setup is complete, receipts will start printing for all of your orders.

Printer FAQs

How does the Lula-powered receipt printer work?

If you purchase or rent a printer from Lula Convenience, you'll receive a Star mC-Print3 thermal receipt printer. This printer does not use ink. Once connected, receipts will start printing automatically whenever you receive an order. Once the order is packed, you can staple the receipt to the bag for the customer. Technical specifications can be found online here.

Why should I use a Lula-powered receipt printer?

Printing receipts for your delivery orders can help ensure that store staff members know exactly what to pack in each order. It can also help improve your order completion rate because receipts will be printed automatically without a staff member needing to check the Lula Store tablet.

What happens if my printer breaks, gets lost, or gets stolen?

In the event of hardware damage/theft/loss, Lula Convenience reserves the right to charge an amortized amount equal to the full price of the hardware minus any existing payments that have been made during the hardware subscription period. You must notify Lula in the case of hardware damage/theft within 30 days of the event.

What if my printer is defective?

If your printer stops working as a result of a manufacturing defect, it could be replaceable under the 2-year warranty. To view details about the warranty and request a replacement, visit the manufacturer online here.

How do I cancel my printer subscription?

In the event of cancellation of the hardware subscription, you are responsible for shipping back the hardware to Lula Convenience within 30 days of the cancellation. Failure to do so will result in the charge of an amortized amount equal to the full price of the hardware minus any existing payments that have been made during the hardware subscription period.

Where can I find troubleshooting information?

All the information you need to connect your printer to the Lula Store Platform is available in the Lula Knowledge Base. If you need to troubleshoot an error with your printer that is unrelated to the initial Lula Store Platform setup, please visit the Star printer support site and scroll to the section for the mC-Print3 printer.

Can I connect my own printer to the Lula Store Platform?

Currently, the Lula Store Platform is capable of connecting to Star printers with Bluetooth technology. Compatible models include the mPOP, TSP100III, TSP143III, TSP650II, TSP700II, TSP800II, SP700, SM-S210i, SM-S220i, SM-S230i, SM-L200, SM-L300, SM-T300i/T300, SM-T400i, and the MCP-31LBi.

Where can I find additional terms and conditions?

The terms of use for Lula Convenience hardware subscriptions such as the Lula-powered receipt printer are outlined in Exhibit A Section A in the most recent version of your Lula Store Master Subscription Agreement. Check your email for the most recent version.

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