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Help Your Customers Shop Local

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

People all over America are trying to shop local. Here are 3 ways to help them find your convenience store.

Convenience Stores all over America have been struggling to stay open and their local customers are looking to help. 72% of people surveyed said that they are looking to spend at local businesses but 80% are also looking specifically for the one-click, fast delivery. This has led to small businesses finding new ways to reach customers who would prefer to use them over Amazon anyway. Here are some ways that you can help your customers help you.

Updated Information

In March of 2020 many businesses had to change their hours, menus, and sales in reaction to the new Covid regulations. Since then, it has been impossible to go shopping or grab dinner without questioning if the information on Google and a store’s website is true. Keeping the information up to date makes it easier for customers to shop at your store.

Keep your Google page up to date. Here you can make sure that your hours, pictures, and website are correct. Having good pictures and accurate information on your Google page will help attract new customers and make it easier for your existing customers to shop with you. Being in control of your Google page and having your own website gives your business the best first impression. First impressions are important and 51% of people discover a new company after using a search engine so you should give your website the same level of care as your storefront.

Electronic Gift Cards

Small businesses have started to use electronic gift cards. Gift cards allow people to support their local corner store even when they are not in the mood for a soda or bag of chips. Gift cards also make a great present. New customers will come because they were given a gift card and become regulars right away. Companies like Giftfly and Yiftee provide electronic gift cards to increase your sales. Over 70% of adults purchased at least one gift card for the holidays so give them the option to buy a gift card from your store without leaving home.


Customers want fast delivery as a priority. They want to shop locally but they don’t do it because it is too expensive and too inconvenient. Convenience stores for a while have been the most convenient way to get just about anything. Delivery has changed that. Walking into a convenience store is now the second-best way to get something in a hurry. Instead of asking customers to leave their houses to shop with you, why not deliver to them? This process can be complicated. It is difficult for convenience stores to deliver because setting up a store with hundreds of items on multiple delivery platforms is complicated. Then after setting up you still have to manage multiple sets of orders, payments, and inventories.

Lula simplifies this process giving your store the delivery your customers want without all of the headaches. Sign up today and in a week customers will be able to support your business without leaving home. Lula handles the delivery, customer service, and online store all with 0% commission. It is the easiest way to reach the most customers in your area. All you have to do is pack the bag because Lula handles the rest.

About Lula: Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pa., Lula provides delivery solutions for convenience stores, pharmacies, and CPG brands that do not have a secondary sales channel, offering the first multi-vendor 30-minute delivery platform and a commitment to building a cleaner, more sustainable world. Learn more about Lula at


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