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Lula Convenience Subscription Fee Updates + New Features

Effective 7/1/2023, Lula will be transitioning to direct billing so that your Lula subscription fee is paid via ACH or credit card once per month and your delivery earnings are deposited directly into your bank account every two weeks. This change should make bookkeeping easier for you, and reduce any accounting burden during your reconciliation process. You may access your billing information from the new Billing page on Lula Store Platform (LSP), at the following address:

Visit to compare all Lula subscription plans

Please note that after 7/1, we will not be able to distribute payments until monthly billing is activated, and highly recommend adding payment information as soon as possible. In the case you need assistance activating your billing, please reach out to our customer support team through the chat support experience within the Lula Store Platform.

We look forward to continuing to improve our platform and technology and provide you with the same excellent service to delight your customers on a daily basis. Thank you for being part of the Lula Family!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - All You Need to Know

Is my monthly payment changing?

  • While your monthly payment is staying the same as your existing Lula contract, your method of payment is changing to credit card / ACH.

Why is this change occurring?

  • We are making Lula fees more predictable & reliable.

What if I do not switch, and activate my billing?

  • To continue to receive your by-weekly pay-outs, your account’s billing page must be activated. Lula will be unable to process your payout without the completion of your billing experience.

I’d like to speak with a Lula representative, how can I do this?

  • The easiest way to access support is through our customer support chat directly within the Lula Store Platform. You may also email customer support at

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