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Uber and Lula Partner to Help Convenience Stores Offer On-Demand Delivery

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Uber & Lula to help thousands of C-stores in the US to transform into micro-fulfillment centers, as consumer demand for delivery grows

PHILADELPHIA (September 09, 2021) - Uber Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: UBER) and Lula today announced a partnership that will empower thousands of convenience stores (c-stores) to offer on-demand delivery to customers through Uber Eats.

Convenience stores often referred to as c-stores, are ubiquitous -- with a store located under 3 miles away from each household. c-stores are an essential part of the US economy, with nearly 165 million transactions daily. However, a large majority of c-stores are unable to offer last-mile delivery. This is predominantly due to infrastructural issues with brick-n-mortar retail, with a lack of technical resources within c-store locations. While there are over 150k c-stores nationally, these stores have had difficulty making the switch to digital. Lula and Uber’s partnership aims to bridge this gap through Lula’s virtual c-store offering.

Lula, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA., is a technology company that transforms convenience stores into last-mile micro-fulfillment centers. The company was founded in 2020 by Drexel University graduates Adit Gupta and Tom Falzani, who attempted to bring Gupta's family's shuttered convenience store in South New Jersey online amidst the pandemic with no success.

Launching this fall, Lula’s software will help c-stores quickly transform their store into a virtual listing for Uber Eats customers to enjoy. Lula offers inventory management and aggregation software that enables c-stores to easily sync and manage their inventory through the Lula for Stores app -- making it available on Uber Eats. Uber Eats customers will be able to find these “Lula Convenience Stores” in the new “Convenience” category now available on Uber Eats.

This exciting partnership between Lula and Uber will benefit thousands of convenience stores across all 50 states in the US - which may have all the popular items desired by shoppers, but no way of getting their selection online. Given the rapid rise of on-demand delivery, Lula & Uber aim to create more opportunities for brick-n-mortar stores to benefit and modernize for the digital age.

About Uber

Uber’s mission is to create opportunity through movement. We started in 2010 to solve a simple problem: how do you get access to a ride at the touch of a button? More than 15 billion trips later, we're building products to get people closer to where they want to be. By changing how people, food, and things move through cities, Uber is a platform that opens up the world to new possibilities.

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About Lula

At Lula, we’re inspired by a single goal: empowering every store to deliver locally. Lula provides delivery solutions for convenience stores, pharmacies, and CPG brands that do not have a secondary sales channel, offering the first multi-vendor 30-minute delivery platform and a commitment to building a cleaner, more sustainable world. Learn more about Lula at

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